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Keep it Clean

From how you sleep to how you vacuum, there's a spate of products out there specifically designed to keep things clean. Kim Kane spoke with some experts on the subject.

Organizing Your Home

Sometimes getting a home organized doesn't have to be complicated, it just takes the time and effort to get the project done. HouseSmarts comes to the rescue in this segment to help the Jones family organize a mudroom, office, closet area in their home.

Fix It in 15:00 "Reviving Your Kitchen Cabinets"

Are your kitchen cabinets looking a little "worse for wear?"  Well, Lou has a handy method to bring them back to life in just 15 minutes.

NutriPRO Juicer

The NutriPRO Juicer from BELLA allows you to make great tasting juices from all of your favorite fruits and vegetables that won't squeeze out any vitamins or nutrients.

Ask Lou Episode 138

Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou.

Refinishing Outdoor Wood Furniture

Why live with a faded memory of what your outdoor furniture used to look like. Here’s how to revive the wood and protect it for years to come.

Car Cleaning

A little T-L-C will go a long way in maintaining your car. Here are a few easy ways to tune it up and make it sparkle.

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