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The Lost Art of… Masonry

Many homes and buildings have beautiful examples of masonry – from brick or stone walls to ornamental arches and alcoves. Andrea Darlas examines a craft that requires highly specialized handwork and just the right materials, especially when restoration is involved.

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Salvaged Furniture

Have you ever seen something on the curb and envisioned what you could do with it? We took something really rustic and completely repurposed it.

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Fix It In 15:00 "Hanging a New Light Fixture"

Want to spruce up an overhead light fixture? It’s a job many homeowners can handle in no time at all. Just watch Lou!

Water, Water, Everywhere

Many of us use water filters in the fridge or mounted on a faucet. But what if all the water coming into the house was filtered, for drinking, showers and more? Contessa Brewer looks at the benefits of whole house filtration systems.

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Home Office Makeover

A home office can be one of the busiest, and most cluttered, rooms in the house. Ace Hardware Design Expert Julie Richard shows how to combine style with function in this important work space.

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Krevare Soapdish

Soap may keep us clean, but it often leaves sink and tub areas a slippery mess. Here’s one creative way to contain it.

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Ask Lou Episode 157

Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou.

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