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Avila House

We can learn so much from the past. And in Los Angeles you can't get any more "past" than the Avila Adobe. It's the oldest surviving residential structure in the city. Originally built in 1818, the Adobe has been in ruins and revived several times. Lou explores it's history throughout the episode.

DIY Fix a Lamp

An old or broken lamp is not necessarily destined for the dumpster.  Simple writing and the right adhesive can bring it back to life.

Shade for Outdoor Space

Your yard should be a refuge, but the sun can limit the time you spend outside. Adding overhead protection can help.  Darbi Worley explores ways to create shade outdoors, and as a bonus, you could be more comfortable inside too.

New to Lou Too - Gutterbrush

Lou likes to say he's seen it all, but every once in awhile he finds something that's new, even to him.  GutterBrush is an ultra-low maintenance product that will keep your gutters clean and keep you off of that ladder.

Fix It In 15:00 "Sealing a Driveway Crack"

Seasonal temperature changes can do extensive damage to your concrete or asphalt driveway. If you've got cracks in your driveway, Lou can help you fix them in just fifteen minutes.


It's a stylish "speaker" system that uses natural acoustics to amplify music from your iPhone.  Turn it up without wires or plugs.

Ask Lou Episode 124

Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou.

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