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Glass Roots

A home is made of more than a roof, some wallboard and a coat of paint. A home is where we learn about life and who we are. We’ve found a place many call home in Newark, New Jersey that shapes raw materials into useful and beautiful household items. It’s also a place that shapes young hearts and minds into motivated, positive young people.

What's Lurking in Your Kitchen

You may think you’ve cleaned your kitchen well enough, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not easy being clean! Listen to our tips on getting the dirt out of your kitchen

New To Lou Too "Flir Thermal Heat Detector"

Do you have leaks in your window frames? Cold spots in your attic? Do you even know? We’ve found a device that can help you find out what problems your house may have with air and water leaks and save you money. And if you’re house hunting, it will rescue you from hidden expense in the home you’re thinking of buying.

BONA - What Your Floor Needs

Our floors are something we take for granted. But after years of service, they can become scuffed and dull. We’re visiting the BONA training center to talk with the folks who know floors and what it takes to keep them shining.

Luci Light

Sometimes we all need a little light in our world and that’s exactly what we‘re offering this week on HouseSmarts Cool Tools. Here’s a little light for you (and for others around the world).

Ask Lou Episode 165

Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Well, go ahead and just Ask Lou.

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